Professional Development Seminar – Resilience

Resilience is the last of the three Rs that we will be covering in our Professional Development Seminar next month.

Working in the death care industry can be emotionally and mentally challenging as one of our primary objectives is to extend kindness and compassion to people who are going through sorrowful and often traumatic events. Ironically, this is also the part of the job that can give us the greatest fulfilment.

As industry veterans, the team at Independent Funeral Industry Support Services (IFISS) is ideally qualified to present this special session exploring key principles for resilience in our industry. 

At IFISS, we believe it is important for employers to recognise the toll the industry can have on their teams and for employees to understand the important role of self-care. 

The seminar will discuss how teams can be supported with activities such as counselling and group debriefing sessions to help cope with critical incidents and other professional demands.

The Professional Development Seminar focusing on Recruitment, Retention and Resilience, is open to all those currently working in the death services industry and those considering it as a career.

We aim to spark your new interest or reignite your enthusiasm and foster longevity in the death care industry.

Book through the below link, early bird tickets are still available.


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