COVID 19 Mortuary care - Service Structure

IFISS is here to support your business needs. COVID 19 has brought difficulties with the care and preparation of your clients. We have designed services so you can confidently and safely assist your clients and client families while keeping your employees safe.

These are the services we provide for COVID 19 Positive and suspected COVID 19 clients.

COVID 19 Handling
Inc. ID check, Jewellery check, pacemaker check, Protective bag and coffin sealed.

COVID 19 Basic Preparation
Inc. Wash, dressing, hair & make up, photo (if requested) ID check, Jewellery check, pacemaker check; protective bag and coffin sealed.

COVID 19 Viewing or open coffin – (natural) (Autopsy)
Inc. Embalm and sanitation, wash, dressing, hair & make up, ID check, jewellery check, pacemaker check.
If you require a full embalm certificate, the cost is additional

Please contact us for costs and if you require any other services for COVID 19 Positive clients please contact us directly to discuss your needs.

*Please note, We can only allow COVID 19 positive clients, who have been embalmed, to be viewed from IFISS. The embalming procedure and sanitisation process reduces the risk greatly.

IFISS is not able to guarantee clients who are embalmed to be COVID free as testing is not available. As with all clients you must treat everyone as though they are infectious and follow universal precautions. We recommend the appropriate PPE to be worn and limit physical contact. Transmission is more likely from person to person than from the deceased.

IFISS premises are treated every 7 days by AERIS TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved and on the list of disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

COVID 19 Updates

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