Embalmers and Mortuary Staff

At IFISS we value the work everyone does in this industry but we also have a special understanding and respect for those of you caring directly for the deceased. We know how important it is to look after yourself so you can continue the job you were meant to do, Mortuary care.

Our mission is to provide support services to the funeral industry and promote best practice in the education and wellbeing of people employed in the industry and encourage those wanting to enter this unique field.

In order to provide a holistic approach to all our services,we need to understand your needs as mortuary care providers. This helps us tailor our programs and support accordingly.

Whether you are still working within the industry or not ,we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on how we can support you and try to improve the retention of passionate individuals in mortuary care.

This confidential and short survey will allow us to provide the necessary resources, independent support and training to help build a resilient, professional industry driven by you.

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