Last Days to book your ticket to the Recruitment Retention and Resilience seminar.

One job that AI can never replace.

Dealing with the death of a loved one needs the understanding, support and compassion of others. It is a profoundly human experience and possibly the most personal of all services.

It’s one of the reasons people are drawn to the death services industry. There is enormous fulfilment and meaning in a job that involves helping others at one of the saddest moments of their life. That, and the fact that it is an industry worth more than 1.6 billion dollars.

Recruiting the right people, giving them proper training, creating a healthy work culture and providing a long and stable career are challenging enough for any business. But for operators in the death services industry, it can be particularly tough, mostly because of the misconceptions.

On Friday, 25th August, we will be presenting a Professional Development Day that will focus on the Three Rs — Recruitment, Retention and Resilience.

The programme will feature presenters from inside and outside the funeral industry and is aimed at Funeral Home and allied business operators who are looking for practical advice on how to build and improve their teams.

If you are considering a career in our industry you are also very welcome. You will learn more about the opportunities available, and the skills required, and get a realistic idea of what is involved.

To find out more and book tickets CLICK HERE.


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