Are you an industry operator trying to attract and retain staff?

Are you an industry operator trying to attract and retain staff?

Have you ever considered a career in the Death Services Industry? 

Tickets are limited & selling now for The Funeral Industry Professional Development Seminar being held on Friday, 25th August 2023, at the Novotel Melbourne Preston.

The Funeral Industry encompasses a wide variety of businesses and professions, including Funeral Homes, Mortuaries, Coffin Manufacturers, Transfer companies, Cemeteries and Crematoria, funeral celebrants, florists, stonemasons, Coroners Court, and mortuary suppliers just to name a few.

A key focus of the seminar will be the RRRs
Recruitment (see the previous post) 

Staff retention is vital in the death services industry. Without good staff retention, there can be a lack of knowledge and skill in providing excellent and consistent service. Our industry often deals with people at difficult and emotionally charged times, so having a solid team of experienced funeral directors, embalmers and other essential service providers can help to ensure that all services are carried out with professionalism and compassion.

Another reason why it is important to keep loyal and experienced staff is because it sets a positive atmosphere in the workplace. Knowing that there are excellent team players already on board helps keep morale up and encourages new employees to strive for excellence. High morale leads to greater productivity, which ultimately results in increased profits and job security.

Furthermore, constantly needing to recruit new staff is costly and time-consuming; having a strong staff retention rate means fewer resources being spent recruiting and training new staff members.

At Independent Funeral Industry Support Services (IFISS), we focus on understanding how to help individuals remain truly engaged throughout their careers in the death industry.

How can you keep your spark alive both individually and professionally?

At this seminar, industry professionals will be exploring the role employers have in creating a culture and environment that is inclusive and supportive of team members. We will also discuss the employee attitudes and mindset to succeed in this sometimes challenging but also highly-rewarding industry.

The Professional Development Day is equally intended for anyone considering a career in death care services, you will gain a better understanding of how the industry operates; with a better understanding of the expectations, the wide range of opportunities available, training and transferable skills that make you an ideal candidate, and how to build a long and rewarding career.

Book now to receive an early bird discount.

Follow our page for more details on the other key seminar topics — Recruitment and Resilience.


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