Mentoring the mentor 

Have you ever wanted to pass on your knowledge, but were unsure that you’ve got enough knowledge to share? Or perhaps you’re unclear on how to go about becoming a mentor.

No matter what your role within our industry, everyone can be a mentor. At IFISS, we’re here to help you become a confident mentor no matter what your role.

Sharing expertise is important for any organisation in any industry. Aside from supporting succession planning it also boosts employee engagement and productivity. 

For mentoring to be successful, the relationship must be built on trust, mutual respect and open communication. This medium is about imparting ideas, best practices and vital knowledge to build a culture of collaboration and support employees to problem-solve more effectively. Equally important is understanding the responsibilities and expectations of the mentee and setting the mindset.

The tricky part for those considering putting on their mentor hat is knowing where to start. Firstly, it doesn’t matter what role you play in the death industry – everyone can be a mentor. Whether you have a senior role or you’re newer to the industry, sharing knowledge goes both ways and can benefit the mentor as much as it does the mentee.

And secondly, remember that mentorship is a long game, not a set-and-forget exercise. Goal setting, planning and monitoring ensure your mentoring program benefits everyone in your company. 

If you want some structure and guidance on how to develop a mentorship program, IFISS can help. Register your interest and we’ll help you become a confident, effective mentor and achieve the impact you want. 


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