COVID 19 Mortuary Care


We have become aware that some institutions and nursing homes are not identifying COVID 19 clients as they once were. In some cases they may not have been tested.

PLEASE ENSURE YOU WEAR APPROPIATE PPE when transferring clients. It is not clear whether infection is present or not.

We have been asked about preparation for COVID 19 positive clients. We have 4 services to cover your requests;

  • Handling only service including – ID check, jewellrey check and pacemaker check and coffin seal (No view and coffin sealed).
  • Basic Preparation including – Washed & dressed in own clothing ID check, Jewellrey check, pacemaker check (No view and coffin sealed).
  • Covid 19 Viewing service – This requires full embalming.
  • Repatriations – Bioseal system 5 available.

If you have any other special requirements or requests please contact us directly to discuss them.

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