How Independent Funeral Industry Support Services (IFISS) can help individuals and companies upskill with our training services.

Joining the funeral industry means becoming part of a select group who have the ability and disposition to do a job which is so essential, yet often so misunderstood and undervalued by our society.

That’s why Independent Funeral Industry Support Services (IFISS) offer training services that cater to the needs of every company no matter what their size. 

Here we outline what training services IFISS offers both to those within the industry and those looking to start a career in the field.

Expressions of Interest Mortuary Care Information Session

Considering a career in the funeral industry? Or perhaps you’re wanting to expand your knowledge on mortuary and embalming care?

Either way, this in-person information session provides takeaways for everyone no matter what your level of industry expertise or company size.

During the session, you’ll gain a realistic understanding of the requirements and what embalming involves. You’ll learn more about the expectations and challenges, whilst furthering your appreciation for the art and craft of the profession. 

And if you’re a novice, this session is perfect for you because we create a safe space to ask questions, allowing you to figure out whether you really are suited to the industry.

And for those who’ve been in the field for some time, you can learn more about the courses and course providers available to further your skills. We can even provide further information of where to get embalming training from Registered Training Organisations. 

Click here to learn when you can attend our next Expression of Interest Mortuary Information Session.

Basic Mortuary Care Course

This two-day, in person course is ideal for those already in the funeral industry looking to learn new techniques. During this hands-on training you’ll learn basic infection control, manual handling, basic prep and basic autopsy case preparation and presentation.

Following this practical course, you’ll be prepared and ready to apply your new skills in your own workplace.

Limited places available. 

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Introduction to the Funeral Industry Course

This full day introductory course is an excellent way to enhance your knowledge of this industry and is perfect for those considering a career change.

Throughout the session you’ll not only explore the industry, you’ll also dive into specific roles within it including business, sales, marketing and PR.

With some practical elements thrown in the mix, this thorough course will also help you understand grief in the workplace with hands-on demonstrations and exercises.

Limited places available. 

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FDA and Hearse Driver course

This two-day course is ideal for both those in the funeral industry and those looking to become part of the profession.

We’ll cover work health and safety, grief and loss along with the handling of coffins, funeral and hearse equipment. With a focus on practical learning, you can also expect to take part in simulated funerals at church/chapel and cemeteries.

This course will give you a thorough understanding of a the day in the life of a funeral director through situational learning.

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Resilience courses available

Along with our practical training, IFISS also offers Resilience in the Funeral Industry courses. 

In this industry we give kindness and compassion to every family we encounter every day, long hours and dealing with the rollercoaster of emotions families display in grief. This can be very challenging and take its toll on us as carers. 

At IFISS we value the work everyone does in this industry and know how important it is to look after yourself so you can continue the job you were meant to do, Funeral care and associated suppliers. 

During this session we’ll give you the necessary tools in building resilience & support to help regenerate your enthusiasm and assist with longevity in our industry. 

Additional Training

We also offer Arranger and Conductor training plus more advanced training in other areas too. Also remember, no matter whether you’re a large or small company we tailor training to your needs.

Contact us for a chat about our training services today.


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