How IFISS provides specialised professional support for a unique industry

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Independent Funeral Industry Support Services (IFISS) was established in 2019 by Kathryn Hodges and Johanna Adams, who between them, have more than 50 years of experience working in funeral homes and mortuaries in Victoria, NSW and South Australia. 

The company’s mission is to provide support services to the funeral industry and promote best practice in the education and wellbeing of people employed in the industry. The IFISS approach is best described as holistic, as the range of training, wellbeing and emergency services encompasses both individuals and companies.

Here, the founders discuss how, as a truly independent operator, IFISS plays a valuable role in improving the health of the funerary sector.

How did IFISS begin?
We saw there was a need for funeral operators and their staff to be able to access the types of support systems and structures that existed in similar workplaces that require such a broad and extensive range of skills.

Our aim was to create an agency that offers a range of support services and training programmes that address every level of the funeral industry from administration and funeral directing, to embalming and mortuary services. The type of agency which could provide back-up and assistance to businesses and employees in times of need. 

What’s the vision for IFISS?
Together we share a vision of helping build a resilient, professional industry that provides a healthy and safe work environment for the select group who have the ability and disposition to do a job which is so essential, yet often so misunderstood and undervalued by our society. 

What support services does IFISS offer?
We’re able to provide a full range of on-site and mobile mortuary services and we also have our own mortuary facilities in Melbourne. 

Our Specialised Mortuary services include:

  • Full reconstruction
  • Embalming for overseas repatriation
  • Embalming for in-home stay
  • Homicide autopsy
  • Temporary preservations
  • Basic preparations

What emergency services does IFISS offer?
And if you’re suddenly low on staff, IFISS can provide experienced personnel to cover staff shortages due to holidays, illness, or an unexpected increase in workload. 

Our agile team can jump in to assist with:

  • Mortuary Services
  • Administration and Management
  • Customer Service
  • Arranging and Conducting 
  • Embalming
  • FDA hearse driving and transfer staff
  • Wellbeing interventions

How does IFISS support Cemeteries and Crematoria?
Cemeteries and Crematoria can also access support from IFISS. The team provide wellbeing services including:

  • Administration 
  • Administration staff
  • Cemetery Staff
  • Chapel attendants
  • Pre-paid consultant
  • Understanding the Funeral Director
  • Dealing with grief
  • Managing expectations
  • Inter-profession relationships/supporting each other.

These services include Understanding Grief in the Workplace & Building resilience and Introduction to the Funeral Industry training.

What training programmes does IFISS provide?
We design and deliver training programmes to individuals and groups depending on the requirements of each business. This ranges from Industry Professional Development to Specialised Training courses and even Assessments and Mentoring. 

What are IFISS’ values?
We are fiercely independent with no legal, business, or financial obligations to any funeral company or supplier. We are here to support everybody and respect the rights of all people to work in our industry without discrimination. What really sets us apart though, is that we genuinely offer a safe space. When you come to IFISS you can relax and know that we’ll look after your wellbeing and be there to support you whenever you need. 

To learn more about IFISS services and education programmes and how we can help you grow your business, contact us today.


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